Interested in helping out?  Click here to contact us for an initial chat (you’ll not be committing to anything).

Scout Groups are staffed entirely by adult volunteers.  There are a huge range of roles so no matter what your skills and the pattern of time you have available there is bound to be a way that you can help!

Volunteering is fun and very worthwhile.  Being involved with a Scout Group looks really good on a work or other cv and the adult team forms an excellent group of friends to socialise with both in and out of Scouts.  On top of all of this, adults in Scouting have loads of scope to join in the activities which the young people do, very often at no cost to the adult concerned, so if you like camping, climbing, hiking, kayaking or outdoor pursuits in general this could be a great opportunity for you!

Why not give it a try?  We are a friendly bunch and you will not be committed to more than you want to do at any time.

Example roles:

Role Description Time commitment
Occasional helper Help out from time to time at weekly meetings 1 – 2 hours a few times a year
Section Assistant Help regularly at meetings 1 – 2 hours a week
Uniformed Leader Organise and run meetings and activities as part of the leadership team From 1 – 2 hours a week
Committee member Attend meetings to oversee the proper running of the Scout Group and its premises 3 or more meetings a year
Fundraiser Help organise fund raising events As much or little time as you choose
Active supporter Help out in various capacities either in running activities or maintaining the Groups premises and/ or equipment As much or little time as you choose