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Once Explorer Scouts reach 18 years they are automatically enrolled in Scout Network which facilitates them staying in touch with their friends and the Scouting movement while they arrange their own social and other activities.  As well as regular get togethers (in pubs and other locations) Scout Network members arrange hikes, expeditions, camps, climbing, water and other activities both in the UK and overseas.

Many Scout Network members decide to become leaders either in their Explorers Scout Unit (if appropriate) or in a Scout Group local to where they are living (should they move out of area).

Scout Network is open to anyone aged 18 to 25 years old.  You do not have to have been a Scout to join but you will fit in best if you share Scouting values and like doing “Scouting” type things!

Above 25 years of age adults stay involved in Scouting by volunteering to play one or more of the many roles which Scouting offers.  These do not necessarily involve being in uniform or committing to a regular pattern of involvement.

If you are interested in joining Scout Network please enquire through the form below.  To volunteer as an adult is also a lot of fun!  See our volunteering page.

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