The purpose of this website is to give anyone who visits details of the Scouting activities and events of the 7th Malden (St James) Scout Group.

Data protection/ GDPR
When your son or daughter or you as an adult volunteer join the Scout Group we will collect information about them and you including name, date of birth, address, contact telephone numbers, details of your family doctor etc.  This information is only used for scouting administration purposes and to make you aware of news, activities and opportunities in Scouting.  You will be able to view and amend the information we hold on you at any time through the Group’s online portal (“MyScout”).  When you or your child leaves the Group we will archive your information (in case you rejoin) or delete it permanently after an appropriate time has elapsed.

Our parent organisation, The UK Scout Association (“TSA”), occasionally requests information about our activities for management purposes but this does not include personal information about you or your child.

All adults who are leaders or regular volunteers in Scouting or who wish to stay overnight on camps are required to register with TSA and to be vetted by the Government Disclosure and Barring Service.  TSA complies with Data Protection/ GDPR and is responsible for the data you provide as part of this.

We ask for minimum personal information when someone visits this website and completes a contact form so that we can reply to your specific query.

Photography permission
Many of the events we take part in are photographed for use by the Group. Occasionally photos and video images of Scouts taking part in activities may be submitted to the local newspapers, the Group, or District newsletters or put on display. Please tell us if you would prefer your son or daughter not to appear.

This website has been designed NOT to use cookies or store any personal information.

Links to external websites
Elsewhere in this website we have included links to other websites we think you may find useful. Please note that the 7th Malden take no responsibility for the content of these sites. If you feel the content of any of these sites is not suitable for our audience please contact us and we will investigate.

The content of this website is the property of 7th Malden (St James) Scout Group. Any reproduction of any part is strictly prohibited.  The views expressed in this website are not necessarily those of the Scout Association.